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updated on April 8th, 2019

We are here to provide a platform for discussion on Civil service Examination. You can also share your experiences here and make this better. Right now we are concenteration on General Studies . You are always invited with your suggestions to make this weblog better

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UPSC Syllabus

To begin with and till the end . Syllabus is most important . Its should be read again and again .

How to complete the UPSC Syllabus :

The Syllabus for UPSC can never be completed as it is Organic . But most of it can be covered . UPSC is not about mugging up Static data . But , it is more about correlating it with current situation . For example the Question from 2014 Mains :
 To what extent has the urban planning and culture of the Indus Valley Civilization provided inputs to the present day urbanization? Discuss.

is an classical example . So we have tried to develop material on this conscience. List below will help you around to develop the insight needed for the Exam . The mammoth work of compilation is on . You are always invited to contribute in this . Please see the categories below for an expanded syllabus .

To comprehend the syllabus, one need the study material. That is going to be the fuel of your fire to run your engine to the BIG DREAM. So here is a list of Books that will help you to win the race.

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Previous year Question papers give you the insight about the level of Questions asked in the Civil Service Examinations. It also helps in evaluating your preparation. Solving Previous year Question Papers also clears concepts .

We have tried to provide answers most of the questions . But it is you who will make the better .

Optional Subjects

Choosing optional subjects is one of the most important decision one makes during the course of preparation. Choosing your graduation subject has its own advantages. But for those who want to choose from. For them, my suggestion is cover the General Studies Syllabus first. Then look for the syllabus and previously asked questions of the following Subjects :

  1. Anthropology
  2. Economics
  3. Geography
  4. History
  5. Law
  6. Political Science and International Relations
  7. Public Administration
  8. Sociology

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