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Culture and Civilization

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updated on April 20th, 2019

The word ‘culture’ and ‘civilization’ are often used synonymously, But they are different.

  • ‘culture’ refers to the inner being, a refinement of head and heart.
  • This includes arts and sciences, music and dance and various higher pursuits of human life which are also classified as cultural activities.
  • One who may be poor and wearing cheap clothes may be considered ‘uncivilized’, but still he or she may be the most cultured person.
  • Civilization’ means having better ways of living and sometimes making nature bend to fulfil their needs.
  • It also includes organizing societies into politically well-defined groups working collectively for improved conditions of life in matters of food, dress, communication, and so on.
  • Thus some groups consider themselves as civilized and look down upon others. This disposition of certain groups has even led to wars and holocausts, resulting in mass destruction of human beings

One Just need to have the basic difference between Culture and Civilization , as UPSC some day can ask .” How cultural Integration is important in development of a Civilization ?” ( you can write few points on it and comment below “

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