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GS 2 Mains 2018/16

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updated on April 25th, 2019

16. Multiplicity of various commissions for the vulnerable sections of the society leads to problems of overlapping jurisdiction and duplication of functions. Is it better to merge all commissions into an umbrella Human Rights Commission? Argue your case.


1. Safeguards for the vulnerable sections (60 words)

2. Advantages of a unified Human Rights Commission (50 words)

3. Cons of such a unified body (50 words)

4. How to improve present situation (50 words)

5. Conclusion (30-40 words)


  • These commissions have similar objectives to provide safeguards against the exploitation of these vulnerable groups and to promote and protect their social, educational, economic and cultural interests, which sometimes lead to problems of overlapping jurisdiction and duplication of functions. For example, the National Commission for women protects women against violence and is also protected by the Human rights Commission.

Pros of integration of all the Commissions into umbrella Human Rights Commission

Efficient use of Resources (Financial, Human, time) as there will be no issue of overlapping of functions.

• Vulnerable will not get contrary judgements from different commissions. As many of them have power of civil court.

• Issues of vulnerable sections such as Women and children are inter-related, so holistic solution can be   derived.

However, there are some cons in merging all the commissions

• Human Rights commission will be overburdened.

Centralization might make it difficult to help someone responsible for protection of vulnerable rights.

Different issues of different vulnerable groups need Expert analysis or inputs. It will get hampered as there will be resource crunch.


Rationalization of resources.

• Giving more autonomy and power to these commissions

Strengthening their organizational and functional performance.

Improving co-ordination among them.

Every vulnerable group have specific  problems, that’s why we need separate constitutional body to protect their rights (Separate legislature such as Protection of Civil Rights act or Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities Act).Human rights Commission of India has taken many provisions from International convention of Human Rights because of which it will be difficult for it to consider the socio economic conditions of different vulnerable groups in India, especially those of SC’s/ST’s/Women etc.(Issues of reservations).

Therefore, it would be better to continue with separate commissions for various vulnerable groups but at the same time we should try to streamline the functions and their jurisdiction in a more rational and efficient manner. So that the purpose for which they have been created can be served better.

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