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Iran India bilateral relationship

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updated on May 15th, 2019

Iran India realisation past in brief

  • Iran and India have a long history from time immortals of Indus Valley civilization.
  • but in modern times, Non-Aligned India was a pro-Soviet union and the erstwhile Imperial State of Iran had Ston Links with The United States of America during the Cold war.
  • Iran also supported Pakistan, countering India’s strong ties with Iraq (Iran’s enemy)
  • But now Iran and India supported the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan against the Taliban.
  • In 2002, Iran and India signed the Defence cooperation agreement.

Iran as an Oil supplier

  • before economic sanctions, India has been one of the largest buyers of crude Oil from Iran.
  • we also sell, refined diesel to Iran
  • On 1 May 2019, America has put complete sanction on buying crude Oil from Iran.
  • America is also unhappy as Iran is selling crude oil to Turkey
  • Asian Clearing Union( Clearinghouse for South Asian Countries ) is Under pressure from the USA to not to allow trading of Iranian Oil.
  • India has also invested in the Iranian Oil Industry,

Geographical Position of Iran and Chabahar Port

  • Chabahar port is India’s gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia.
  • Iran and India are developing the Chabahar port together. India has invested around 20 million dollars
  • China is developing Gwadar port in Pakistan, so this is India’s counter step against China’s development of Gwadar port.

Iran India and Pakistan

  • Iran has been quite vocal about its support to Pakistan on issue of Kashmir
  • But , Iran has good relationship with both India and Pakistan , so it can be instrumental in dialogue between india and Pakistan on Kashmir

Iran India soft power

  • The Shia community in India, find solace in the clergy government of Tehran
  • India has a substantial Shia population who are better off in practising there religious rights like, holiday on Muharram, state holiday on Ali day etc . so this act as a soft power when Indian Shia visit Iran

PM Modi visit in 2016

  • Prime minister Narendra Modi paid an official visit to Iran.
  • The visit focused on bilateral connectivity and infrastructure, an energy partnership, and trade.

Hindi video on Iran India relations in Hindi

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