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Iran India bilateral relationship

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updated on May 27th, 2019

Iran India realisation past in brief

  • Iran and India have a long history from time immortals of Indus Valley civilization.
  • but in modern times, Non-Aligned India was a pro-Soviet union and the erstwhile Imperial State of Iran had Ston Links with The United States of America during the Cold war.
  • Iran also supported Pakistan, countering India’s strong ties with Iraq (Iran’s enemy)
  • But now Iran and India supported the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan against the Taliban.
  • In 2002, Iran and India signed the Defence cooperation agreement.

Iran as an Oil supplier

  • before economic sanctions, India has been one of the largest buyers of crude Oil from Iran.
  • we also sell, refined diesel to Iran
  • On 1 May 2019, America has put complete sanction on buying crude Oil from Iran.
  • America is also unhappy as Iran is selling crude oil to Turkey
  • Asian Clearing Union( Clearinghouse for South Asian Countries ) is Under pressure from the USA to not to allow trading of Iranian Oil.
  • India has also invested in the Iranian Oil Industry,

Geographical Position of Iran and Chabahar Port

  • Chabahar port is India’s gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia.
  • Iran and India are developing the Chabahar port together. India has invested around 20 million dollars
  • China is developing Gwadar port in Pakistan, so this is India’s counter step against China’s development of Gwadar port.

Iran India and Pakistan

  • Iran has been quite vocal about its support to Pakistan on issue of Kashmir
  • But , Iran has good relationship with both India and Pakistan , so it can be instrumental in dialogue between india and Pakistan on Kashmir

Iran India soft power

  • The Shia community in India, find solace in the clergy government of Tehran
  • India has a substantial Shia population who are better off in practising there religious rights like, holiday on Muharram, state holiday on Ali day etc . so this act as a soft power when Indian Shia visit Iran

PM Modi visit in 2016

  • Prime minister Narendra Modi paid an official visit to Iran.
  • The visit focused on bilateral connectivity and infrastructure, an energy partnership, and trade.

Iran’s Partial withdrawal from Nuclear Agreement

  • Trump administration is putting sanctions on Iran for not complying with the nuclear agreement .
  • Trump is going for a complete economic sanction on oil for Iran.
  • American Administration designated the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation. This is the first time the US has labeled the entire wing of a country’s armed force as “terrorist”. 
  • President Trump has despatched the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier strike group towards the Gulf. Meanwhile, US sanctions aimed at choking Iran’s oil exports and squeezing its finances are beginning to bite.
  • These are not good signs for the world economy , which s expected to grow around at 3-3.5% annually

Previously asked questions in Iran in UPSC

  • In what ways would the ongoing US-Iran Nuclear Pact Controversy affect the national interest of India? How should India respond to this situation?

(Answer in 250 words) 15

Hindi video on Iran India relations in Hindi

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