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Legislative Assembly

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updated on May 4th, 2019

Legislative Assembly

This is the popular house of the state legislature and consists of directly elected representatives of the people. The strength of the legislative assembly varies from 60 to 500 in different states according to the population. However, the legislative assembly of Sikkim has only 32 members. The assembly enjoys a term of five years but can be dissolved earlier by the governor. Likewise, its term can be extended by one year at a time by the Parliament during the national emergency.

A person can become a member of the legislative assembly only if he.

  1. is a citizen of India:
  2. is more than 25 years of age;
  3. possesses such other qualifications as may be prescribed by or under the law enacted by the Parliament.

On the other hand, a person is disqualified to be a member of state legislature (i) if he holds any office of profit under the central or state government; (ii) if he is of unsound mind: (iii) if he is an undischarged insolvent: (iv) if he has voluntarily acquired the citizenship of a foreign state; (v) if he is disqualified by or under any law of Parliament. The question whether a member of a house of the legislature of a state has become subject to any of the said disqualifications shall be referred to the governor and his decision shall be final. However, before giving his decision on such a question, the governor is expected to obtain the opinion of the election commission.

Presiding Officer The presiding officer of the legislative assembly is known as Speaker. He is elected by the members of the assembly from among themselves. In addition the assembly also elects a Deputy Speaker, who performs the duties of the speaker in his absence. In case the office of the deputy speaker is vacant, the duties of the office of the speaker are performed by such members of the assembly as the government may appoint for the purpose.

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