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Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Sector

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Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Sector

1. Primary Sector
This sector includes all those economic activities where there is the direct use of natural resources as agriculture, forestry, fishing, fuels, metals, minerals, etc. In some of the economies, mining activities are considered as part of the secondary sector, though we see direct use of natural resources here. Broadly, such economies term their agricultural sector as the primary sector. This is the case in India.

2. Secondary Sector
This sector is rightly called the manufacturing the sector, which uses the produce of the primary sector as its raw materials. Since manufacturing is done by the industries, this sector is also called the industrial sector—examples are the production of bread and biscuits, cakes, automobiles, textiles, etc.

3. Tertiary Sector
This sector includes all economic activities where different ‘services’ are produced such as education, banking, insurance, transportation, tourism, etc. This sector is also known as the services sector.

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