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Social Justice

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What is Social Justice ?

  • Justice in terms of distribution of Wealth , opportunities , privileges with in the society

What do the statistics show about social justice in India?

  • According to Credit Suisse Research Institute’s Global Wealth Report, 1% of the Indian population owns 51.5% of the wealth in the country, and the top 10% own about three-fourths of the wealth. On the other hand, the bottom 60%, the majority of the population, own 4.7% of the total wealth.
  • Public-funded education and health are the worst hit by capitalism. Education spending by the Centre has been showing a downward trend — from 6.15% in the 2014-15 Budget to 3.71% in the 2017-18 Budget.

How is Indian moving forward in the direction of social Justice?

We are a leader in growth of GDP and ease of doing business is also improving , but what is not improving are nutrition for the people , peace . human development ( rise in unemployment ), press freedom

So the government should rethink to improve social justice. We should have an egalitarian society.

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