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updated on April 24th, 2019

How many hours should I study?

  • 5000 hours minimum, so it’s up to you how many days you take to study 5000 hours. On a lighter note, everyone has his/her temperament. Some of you might need more or less time.
  • 7/8 hours every day is good for preparation ‘. plan according to the subject topic . Rather than counting hours count topics and plan accordingly.

How to write good answers in UPSC civil Service mains examination?

Absorb process and rediate.


absorb means acquire knowledge . Read a lot .


interlinking the various topics. Relating the news to static portion .example Article 370 is in news . you should know the stand of Nehru as well as Sardar Patel.

If you read about Mathura Oil refinery, then you should relate to the river flowing through the city, also correlate to art and culture, and remember the sculpture and its script too.


Writing style is most important . there are two options either write a structured answer with intro body and conclusion . Other One is writing the points . time constraint push us to write in point format. It has been noticed writing in point format earns you good marks .

Write answers to previous year questions and get it checked by someone experienced .

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